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African Pride - Magical Gro Rejuvenating Herbal Formula 5.3oz


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African Pride Magical Gro Rejuvenating Oil FormulaRejevenates Dry HairNew and Improved Formula!5.3 OZ (150 G)
Our ancient African recipe promotes strong, healthy, shiny hair.
Contains the finest African oils, liquid herbal extracts and natural ingredients for your hair and scalp
Helps stop breakage, split ends and dry hair
Rejuvenates relaxed, color created or natural hairWe have discovered the Maximum Strength Magical Gro formula for your hair. Each Maximum Strength miracle ingredient helps create a strong, shiny head for hair and a healthy problem-free scalp. Let Maximum Strength Magical Gro rejuvenate your relaxed, color treated or natural hair.DIRECTIONS: Apply to hair and scalp as needed.Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Hair Burns, Keep hair away from flame.