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African Pride - Miracle Deep Conditioning No-Lye Relexer System Super


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African Pride Miracle Deep Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer System Kit w/ Hydrating African Herbs Super StrengthToday's Latest Advancement In Relaxer Technology Combined with Miracle Deep ConditionersWhy is African Pride's Miracle Deep Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer System the best?They've added African Miracle Deep Conditioners and combined them with today's latest advancement in relaxer technology to create a system that leaves your hair incredibly soft and full of body. African Miracle Deep Conditioning system is as gentle as ever and leaves your hair unbelievably shiny and healthy looking. For long-lasting results and fabulous looking hair trust African Pride.Contents: African Pride No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer - 7.7oz African Pride Neutralizing Conditioning Shampoo with Color Action - 3.1 ozAfrican Pride Liquid Activator - 2.1 fl ozAfrican Pride Protective GelAfrican Pride Leave-in Tonic - 2 fl ozDo's & Don'ts of RelaxingThings to Do Before a RelaxerRemove braids, extensions, or weaves 24 to 48 hours before relaxing (relaxer). Scalps can become sensitive when removing braids, extensions, or weaves. Give the scalp a chance to calm before the relaxer. Protect hairline, ears, nape area before relaxer with a protective gel. The hairline should also be the last area to apply relaxer. Apply scalp protector to any areas of the scalp that is itchy, flaky, or dry. If you opt to base and or protect the scalp, take a straight parting and be careful not to get the protector/gel on the new growth hair. Have all materials needed for relaxer procedure assembled. Always wear gloves when applying a relaxer.Things NOT to do Before a RelaxerMassage scalp or brush hair. Wear hat, scarf, or bandana on hair. Any hair accessory that is close to the scalp can rub the scalp. This type of abrasion can cause sensitivity to relaxers. Shampoo hair within 48 hours before a relaxer. Shampooing the hair and massaging the scalp can lead to discomfort and scalp irritation during the relaxer process. Use holding spray or gel. Many holding sprays and gels molds the hair. The hair should be pliable, able to easily comb before the relaxer. Comb through hair during relaxer service, simply smooth it.Strand Test – The Importance of this TestThe strand test will help you select the appropriate product strength. The natural curl pattern and the desired result (along with the product’s strength/formula) will determine the timing of the service. Keep the following points in mind when choosing the formula:For fine or permanently color-treated hair, use a milder strength. For medium textured hair in good condition, use a regular formula. For coarse, resistant, or abundant hair in good condition, use super.In most cases, medium textured hair takes about 20 minutes to relax and coarse, resistant hair takes about 25 minutes to relax. Always rinse thoroughly before neutralizing. The oil in the base of the relaxer reacts with the shampoo and can penetrate the hair. If shampoo is used prematurely, the oil can become difficult to remove. If relaxer and permanent color are desired, perform the relaxing service first. Perform the permanent color (color & developer) 14 days later. Never bleach hair that has been relaxed.Types of RelaxersSodium HydroxideSodium Hydroxide relaxes mild to super depending on the percentage of sodium hydroxide and the ph in the product. The more sodium hydroxide in the product and the higher the ph, the quicker the action of the relaxer. Sodium hydroxide relaxers are great for silky straightening. The action of the relaxers is easily explained as the breaking of the cross bonds (sulfur and hydrogen), which are then relaxed and rehardened into the new straightened formation (No mix formula).Calcium Hydroxide Calcium Hydroxide relaxers are mixed with an activator. A calcium hydroxide relaxer (sometimes called no-lye) is an option for anyone who has a sensitive scalp or is allergic to sodium hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide/guanidine carbonate is trusted for its gentleness. Straightens as well as sodium with less risk of irritation. Crème and activator must be mixed. Once mixed, it must be used or discarded.Lithium Hydroxide Lithium hydroxide is no-lye, no mix. This formula of relaxers offers the best of sodium and calcium relaxers. The no mix formula and the straightening results are like sodium hydroxide. The offering of a sensitive scalp formulation is like calcium hydroxide.